Trade Day Information

Trade Day

Trade Day is a program for educators, professors, graduate students, librarians, and retailers. It is designed to provide hands-on training, share research, network, and participate in professional development opportunities through a day of seminars, demonstrations, and events.

Trade Day is split between two focuses, retailers, and educators and librarians. The retailer focus is on business, marketing, and building community. The educators and librarian focus is on how to gamify your classroom/library, gaming strategies in curriculum, and building community.

Anyone with a Trade Day badge can attend all events regardless of the focus; something can always be gleaned from a different perspective.

Trade Day is hosted on the Wednesday prior to Gen Con Indy, held in Indianapolis, IN.

Trade Day 2022

Trade Day programing will be hosted on Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

Event topics vary from year to year but all are geared towards training, networking, and professional development for educators, librarians, and retailers.

All Trade Day events are free and electronically ticketed. You must have a Trade Day badge in order to attend any Trade Day event.

Trade Day Registration

Trade Day is only open to professors, graduate students, educators, student teachers, librarians, distributors, and hobby retailers.

Trade Day registration includes:

  • Access to all Trade Day event programming
  • A complimentary 4-Day Gen Con Indy 2022 badge

You must purchase a Trade Day badge, and complete the Trade Day application to be considered for the program.

Trade Day Events

Trade Day events being offered will be available when Event Registration opens in the spring of 2022. Search for events using the “TRD” event type.

We highly encourage you to register for specific events through the Gen Con event registration system when Event Registration opens. Registering for Trade Day events helps the organizer and hosts plan for the event appropriately. A ticket ensures you will have a seat!

All Trade Day events are free (you must have a Trade Day badge) and are electronically ticketed.

Trade Day Presenters / Hosts

Gen Con is always looking for content to offer from professionals and experts in the field, Trade Day is no exception. Please submit your event using the online Event Submission Form when Event Submission opens in early 2022.

Events will be reviewed and vetted for appropriateness to the program. Submitting events does not guarantee your event will be accepted.

Individuals who have been accepted to present/host an event(s) for Trade Day will receive a complimentary badge and access to a dedicated self-pay housing block. Presenters no longer need to be a part of the Attendee badge/housing experience.


More information can be found here using the yellow help bubble at the bottom of each of our website pages. Or email us at [email protected].