Charity Partners

Gen Con isn't just about gaming; it's also about giving! Gamers giving back to the community is a key part of The Best Four Days in Gaming™!

This year Gen Con is partnering with two incredible organizations in our charity efforts to support Indianapolis, the gaming community, and diversity in the industry.

Please welcome Jasper's Game Day and The Patachou Foundation as Gen Con's 2022 Charity Partners!

Jasper's Game Day

About Jasper's Game Day:

Jasper’s Game Day (JGD) started in 2017 after founder and president Fenway Jones lost two close school friends in the span of ten months to suicide. Beginning as a one-time Dungeons & Dragons gaming event organized by Fenway and her father Aaron, JGD is continuing to spread suicide awareness and prevention at national gaming conventions, facilitating events for local gaming stores to raise donations for their local crisis centers, and online game streaming. They strive to reduce the stigma around talking about mental health so the world can start to treat it equally to physical health.

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The Patachou Foundation

About The Patachou FOundation:

Since 2013, The Patachou Foundation has prepared and served daily meals and learning experiences for children to increase their awareness of and excitement about food. Every menu is planned with kids’ voices at the center. The Patachou Foundation serves over 75,000 scratch-made meals for kids annually and fights the root causes of hunger in our community.

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Past Charities

Since moving to Indianapolis, Gen Con, along with its sponsors, exhibitors, artists, attendees, and vendors, has raised over $350,000 for charity.

  • 2021 — Trinity Haven and Take This
  • 2020 — (Gen Con Online) I Need Diverse Games
  • 2019 — Special Olympics Indiana and Game to Grow
  • 2018 — Jack Vasel Memorial Fund and Second Helpings
  • 2017 — Child Advocates
  • 2016 — The PourHouse
  • 2015 — The Julian Center
  • 2014 — Gleaners' BackSacks Program
  • 2013 — Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • 2012 — STARS Youth Foundation
  • 2011 — School on Wheels
  • 2010 — Pajama Program
  • 2009 — Indiana Math and Science Academy
  • 2008 — Fisher House
  • 2007 — Christel House
  • 2006 — Rupert’s Kids

The entire Gen Con team sincerely appreciates your support for these charity efforts. Together, we have made an important difference in the lives of those in both our Indiana and wider gaming communities. Thank you!