Hosting Events at Gen Con Indy

This information will help you submit and manage your onsite events at Gen Con Indy 2024. If you have any questions, email us or visit our forums.

During the convention, stop by GM HQ (ICC 116) to speak with us in person.

Hours Open:

Wednesday: 3pm-8pm
Thursday: 7am-8pm
Friday & Saturday: 8am-8pm
Sunday: 8am-5pm

Gen Con Indy 2024 Event Timeline

January 7, 2024 Early Event Submission opens
February 18, 2024 Early Event Submission closes
March 10, 2024 Event Submission Deadline
May 12, 2024 Layout Change Requests due
GM Badge Requests due
GM Hotel Requests due
May 19, 2024 Event Registration Opens
within 2 weeks
after the convention
Event tickets received by Gen Con offices
Final Deadline for reimbursement requests (badge & hotel)

This is only a summary list of important dates and reminders. It is by no means comprehensive. Please refer to the Gen Con Indy Event Host Policy for full details on what you need to do for your events.

Important Links & Files

We recommend reading the Tips For New EOs and GMs page if this is your first time submitting events for Gen Con. If you have any further questions contact us.

  • Event Host Policy - Gen Con Indy
    This covers all the rules and policies that cover almost any kind of in-person event. Not everything applies to all events, but you should read the whole thing - by submitting events you agree to abide by it.
  • Event Organizer and Game Master Forum
    A good place to go if you have a question and want to get help from other GMs.
  • EO/GM Email List
    Sign up for this to make sure you get updates and reminders about submitting and running events. This is separate from the general Gen Con email list and we periodically add GMs to it, but it's safer to sign yourself up directly.
  • Electronic Ticketing Information for Event Organizers
    For those participating in electronic ticketing for your events, check out this link for complete information and expectations about Gen Con's E-Ticketing program.


Note: If a link is not available for a form, it is not yet open.

  • GM Badge Allocation Request Form
    Use this Google form to request a GM badge allocation, so you can assign badges to each of your GMs.
  • Special Request Form
    If you need an HQ or have any special needs that aren't limited to individual events (like a special layout for your overall event area), use this Google form to get the details to us.
  • GM Housing Block Requests
  • Post-Show Reimbursement (available the week of the show)
    • GM Badge Reimbursement Request Form
      This is only for independent GMs that did not receive a GM badge at the convention.
    • GM Hotel Reimbursement Request Form
      Only independent GMs and gaming groups that are eligible for individual reimbursement need to fill out this form. Companies and professionals are not provided hotel reimbursement.


  • Event Ticket Envelope Labels
    You can print these out to pre-fill your event labels to use on your own envelopes or ours. They should fit basic 2" x 4" sticker labels (compare to Avery model 5963)

How to Submit Events

Event Organizers use the event submission form to send us the details for their events. You must sign into your account to submit events, but you do not need a badge at the time of submission. No previous experience or permission is required to submit an event to be reviewed for Gen Con.

  1. Click on "Submit a New Event" after Event Submissions open using the button on your EO/GM Dashboard or the link listed under the Host menu at the top.
  2. Fill out the submission form as accurately and completely as possible.
    • Descriptions are important as they may be your one chance to entice a player to come check out your game!
    • When possible, do not repeat information across multiple fields.
      • Your company or group name should only appear in the labeled field.
      • RPGs and LARPs should not use the game system/name for the event title. Use the scenario or adventure title instead, in most cases.
      • Do not use the short or long description to repeat items that have their own fields, such as number of players, event duration, materials provided, experience needed, etc.
  3. Click on the "Submit this event!" button at the bottom of the page to send your event to us for review. To save progress on your event without submitting, use the “Save this event for later” link found at the top of the submission form. Note: Required fields must be filled out to select this option.

Once you have submitted your event, you may also click on your EO/GM dashboard to review your events or check their status. If you are ever unsure whether your events have been reviewed or what location they were assigned, check there. You can also edit and update details on your events until they have been Accepted for Consideration.

The following video walks through the event submission form and includes key tips on how to successfully submit events for review. While this video is from 2020, the form is essentially the same. The entire video also includes an overview of the event submission process and the key new features you'll want to be aware of when managing your events online.


Events will be reviewed and assigned locations in two cycles during the event submission period. Events approved in a cycle will be assigned a location before events submitted in subsequent cycles.

Early Submission Priority, reviewed and placed first.
Regular Submission Reviewed and placed before event catalog release (if approved).
Late Submission Reviewed and placed at Gen Con’s discretion, time permitting.

This means premium, high-demand space and time slots will go very quickly. If you want to secure space in a certain room or have very specific requirements for your events, submit them as early as possible. As time slots fill up and space runs out, we won't accept events for that space or time slot, though you may resubmit your event for a different time.

For more detailed information on the event placement process, please refer to the Event Host Policy.

How to Request & Assign GM Badges

Only the EO for a gaming group or company can assign badges. If you are not the primary contact for your group or are running as an independent GM, you will not be assigning badges. Refer to the Event Host Policy for further details. GM badges are not required to run events, they are simply provided for the convenience of groups and companies that run a sufficient volume of events to warrant them.

Once your events are marked as Active, you may request a badge allocation by completing the GM Badge Allocation Request Form for this year, when available.

After receiving email confirmation that your allocation has been created, you may assign badges from the Primary Contact's account:

  1. Click the Buy A Badge button and you should see a $0 "Gamemaster" option.
  2. Click "select" for that Gamemaster badge option and you should see your name as well as the names of people you have assigned badges to in the past.
  3. Select the appropriate names and they will appear at the right in your cart.
    1. If their name is not listed, click on the "Someone else" link, enter their email address and click "Find."
    2. If that email address is not found in our system, you may enter their first and last name here.
  4. It is important to confirm what email address your GMs are using in their accounts. If you assign their badge to a different account, they won't have access to it when they sign into their account and will need to contact [email protected] to have their accounts merged and fixed.
  5. Click on Checkout once you have assigned the badges you need. Complete the transaction in your cart as normal, even if the total is listed as $0. Double-check badge types before finishing to avoid any accidental charges.

If any of your GMs previously purchased an attendee badge, they can request a refund once they receive their GM badge. Your GM must email [email protected] and confirm their account information.

  • One badge per account/person. You cannot assign multiple badges to the same name or use a placeholder name of any kind.
  • The primary contact for your organization, company, or gaming group is obtaining badges on behalf of your organization. The purchases will not show up in that person's personal transaction history, but in the transaction history of the organization.
  • The name in the personal Gen Con account is the name that will be displayed on the badge. It will be displayed as entered- typos and all! To update the personal contact information, you will need to log in to your account and click the “My Profile” link.
  • Everyone must have a badge to participate in the show. If you don’t go through the above process, a badge will not be created and one will have to be created at the show. Long lines may be experienced onsite.
  • GM badges will be available for pick-up onsite at GM HQ starting the Wednesday before the convention starts; they will not be mailed. Only the Event Organizer and other designates (determined by EO) are eligible to pick-up badges. Contact your EO for a smooth check-in process onsite.
  • GM badges should be assigned in the system by the time general pre-registration ends in order to ensure a smooth check-in process onsite. Badges procured after pre-registration ends may not be ready for pick-up and long lines may be experienced onsite.

How to Request GM Hotel Rooms

Note: Independent GMs seeking help with their housing costs should refer to the hotel reimbursement information below.

The hotel request process has been updated and there are now two separate forms in which to make your requests.

The Complimentary GM Hotel Request Form is to be used only to request complimentary rooms. Complimentary rooms are only offered to independent gaming groups. One complimentary room can be requested for every 800 player-hours of Active events that your group is running.

If you need more rooms than just the complimentary ones you may have earned or you represent a company or sponsored group, you must submit the Self-Pay GM Hotel Request Form to request a room at your own expense. Approved requests will be granted access to a self-pay GM block, and total rooms permitted will be based on available inventory.

The dedicated GM hotel block should be viewed as a backup for groups that are otherwise unable to secure a hotel room, not as a primary method of getting accommodations for the convention. You cannot pick your rooms in the complimentary GM block, if a specific location or price is important to you, do not request a complimentary room.

Only the event organizer for a group may request rooms. All guest information is required and must be accurate: Gen Con is not responsible for any costs or penalties incurred for incorrect or incomplete guest details. Inventory in the GM block is limited. Details on how to qualify for a room in the block and minimum thresholds for complimentary rooms can be found in the Event Host Policy.

Requesting Badge or Hotel Reimbursement After the Convention

If you did not receive a GM badge onsite and need to request reimbursement after the convention, please fill out the GM Badge Reimbursement form to provide us with your details. If you did receive a GM badge onsite, you should have dropped your attendee badge off at GM HQ by Thursday at the convention and should not need to take any other action.

Independent GMs and gaming groups that did not receive complimentary rooms in the GM block or have enough player-hours left over to make any of their GMs eligible or hotel reimbursement as well can fill out the GM Hotel Reimbursement form and must also provide a copy of their hotel room, either dropped off at GM HQ at the convention or emailed after the show.

All requests for reimbursement must be received within 2 weeks of the end of the convention.

Further Questions?

If you have any other questions, concerns, problems or issues, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected], post in the GM forum, or refer to the contact info found in the Event Host Policy (just remember we're on Pacific time).