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Posted by mikeboozer

If you've attended Gen Con, you have seen the generosity of Gen Con Event Team members who make the convention possible!

If you are interested in working, this is the place to ask questions about how our Event Team Programs work, and access self-help resources.

Information can also be accessed on our website under the Join tab, or by emailing us at [email protected].

Mike Boozer
Customer Service and Event Team Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by mythical

Hi Mike, I'd like to be entered in the Embassy Suites Lottery. Thanks, Dave Carlson ([email protected]). P.S. I hope I got everything in the application correct. The only things that changed were my insurance and my wife's cell phone number.

Posted by tightninja


I just submitted my application to volunteer this year at Gencon. How extacly does the hotel lottery work?  I also read the the partial reibusremnt is only for hotels on the "block" is that the hotels featured on the site?

Posted by mikeboozer

The initial hotel bookings took place January when Badge registration opened. Right now all you need to do is buy a badge and then look up what hotels are available on your "My Housing" page. Yes the reimbursement is for hotels booked on our site.

Mike Boozer
Customer Service & Volunteer Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by [email protected]

Do you need any medical/nursing staff during the convention?

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