Event Location?
Posted by manaretta

The event I created still doesn't have a location, is there something I should be doing?

I had heard that the events won't get a location until the event team knows the demand for the event, but my event sold out the first date the events opened.

Does anyone else's event still not have a location?


Posted by funny-shaped dice

Lots of events won't have locations and I wouldn't trust them if they did.  Locations shift around quite a bit right now - with the team about ready to go to print (so badges and tickets can be mailed out), they should be settling down over the next few weeks.

If you don't see locations by the end of next week, you might try reaching out to customer service - but I wouldn't be all that worried about it before the mailers start going out.

All that being said:  I'd still check locations when you get to Gen Con.  Things sometimes change last minute.

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