List of Exhibitors for Gen Con Indy 2021

Last Updated: July 16, 2021

This is an initial list of the exhibitors, artists, and authors joining us at Gen Con Indy this year. Over 350 exhibitors (83 of them exhibiting for the first time), 31 artists, and 23 authors are slated to set up booths this September 16-19 in the Indiana Convention Center!

This list is subject to change and will be updated periodically leading up to the show. You can also preview the current version of the Exhibit Hall map!


Czech Games Edition

R. Talsorian Games


Fordidden Games

Wyrd Games

Catalyst Game Labs

Funko Games

Game Trade Magazine


SlugFest Games

Sun King Brewery

HotBox Pizza

Gate Ten Parking

Pandasaurus Games

Tabletop Tycoon

Wild Bill's Soda



*1985 Games

*23rd Century Productions

25th Century Games

Abbots Hollow Studios

Adventure Scents / Oddfish Games

*Aegis Creative Company

Albino Dragon

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)


Anime Depot

APE Games

Arc Dream Publishing

Arcane Wonders

Archon Games

Archon Studio


Ares Games


Armoured Wolf Productions

Ars Invicta: Art by Charles Urbach

Art and Masks by Lisa Sell

Art by David Lee Pancake

Art of David Wong



Asmadi Games

Atlas Games

*B.A. Games

*Badger Games

Bard & Board

*Barrel Aged Games

*Barry & Jason Games

Battle Foam

BCW Supplies

*BE game

Beadle & Grimm's

Bezier Games


Big Potato Games

*Black Oak Workshop

Blood & Cardstock Games

Blue Orange Games

*Bowen Dragon 1

Bricks & Boards

*Bright Eye Games

Broken Egg Games

Brotherwise Games, LLC

C and C Games

Cameo Creeps: Tiny Monster Paintings

Capstone Games

Cardhaus Games

Catalyst Game Labs

Cephalofair Games

Certifiable Studios


Chessex Manufacturing

Chimera Hobby Shop

Chip Theory Games LLC

Collapsible Construction

*Conquest by Para Bellum Wargames

Continuum Games

Cosmodrome Games

Cosplay Deviants

Creature Curation


Crystal Caste

*Cursed Crypt

*D20 Collective

*Dark Moon Cards and Games

Dave & Adam's Card World

*Daywalker Syndicate

Deep Water Games


Devious Weasel Games

Devir Games

DGS Games

Diana Stein

Dice Dungeons

*Distrix Games

Draco Studios

Dragon Pets

Dragon Shield

*Dragonfly Market

Dragonsong Forge

Dryad Tea

DV Giochi


Dwarven Forge



Elf Creek Games

Empire Games Group

*Enhance Gaming

ENnie Awards

Epic Adventure Candles RPG Apothecary

*Equilibrium USG

Everything Epic

Exploding Kittens

Extra Life

*Family Time Games

*Featherstone Games

Fernando's Engravings

*Fire Opal Media

Floodgate Games

*Floral Frolic

Flying Buffalo Inc.

Flying Frog Productions

Foam Brain Games

Fog of Love

*Fogel Pens & Creations

Forbidden Games

Forged Foam

Free League Publishing

Funko Games

Gale Force Nine

Game Brewer

Game On Tabletop

Game Trade Magazine


*GameON! Travel Coin Set

Gamer Concepts


Games and Gears

Games Plus



Gaming Paper LLC Magic & Minis

Gate Keeper Games & Dice


Geek Orthodox

Geeky Endeavors

*Gemhammer and Sons

Genius Games

Ghost Galaxy


Good Games

Gooey Cube

Gorilla Games

Got Kilt

Grand Gamers Guild

Grandpa Beck's Games

Green Ronin Publishing

Greenbrier Games

Gut Bustin Games


Hachette Boardgames

Half Price Books

Hammerdog Games


*Henna Body Art

*Hero Pins(TM)

Hero: Tales of the Tomes


*Hit Point Press Inc.

Hobby World

Honeck Sculpture

Hotsauce Games

Hrothgar's Hoard

Hub Games

IDW Games


Impact! Minatures

Incarnate Games

Indie Boards and Cards

Indie Game Alliance

Indie Game Developer Network

Indie Press Revolution

Infinite Black

Inside the Box Publishing

Iron Wind Metals


IV Games

*Jak Lore

*Janken Deck

Japanime Games

Jason Anarchy Games

*Jillian Nickell

Kenzer and Company

Kess Co

Keymaster Games


*Kobold Press

*Kraken Dice

Lady Heathers Fashions

*Last Mile Games

Lay Waste Games

Legion Supplies

Level Up Dice

*Limitless Adventures

Longpack Games

Ludo Fact

Magic Minis and More

Magic Stronghold Games

Mantic Entertainment

Maps of Mastery


*Meaca Art

Medieval Collectibles

*Meloria Maille

Mesa Mundi - D20PRO

Metallic Dice Games

Mid Level Meeple

Midsummer Knight's Dream

Mindclash Games

Miniature Building Authority

*Mobo Games

Mondo Games

Monster Adventure Terrain

Monte Cook Games

*Moonshot Games

*Move Rate 20 Games

My Little Demon

Mythic Games

Naomi VanDoren

*Nations & Cannons

Nauvoo Games

*Near Mint Games

*Neddy Games

Nene Thomas

Nomnivore Games Inc

Norse Foundry

O Christmas Geek

One Method Monkey

Orange Nebula

Origami Whale

Pagan Publishing

*Page Turn Games

Panda Cult Games

Pandasaurus Games

Party People Games

*Pawley Studios


Peaceable Kingdom

Pearl Odyssey

Pegasus Publishing

Pelgrane Press

Pendragon Costumes

Penny Arcade


*Phase Shift Games

Pink Bunny Games

Plaid Hat Games

Plan B Games

Play To Beat Brain Cancer


*Poetic Earth Journals & Bags

*Poorwill: Micro Manufacturing Bureau

Portal Dragon

Portal Games

Possum Creek games

*Precarious Games

Prolific Games

PSC Games

Q-Workshop Unusual Dice

R. Talsorian Games

*RAD Dice and Gaming

Rather Dashing Games


*Raven Press Maps


Red Raven Games

Red Republic Games

Renegade Game Studios

Restoration Games

Rogue Maille

Role 4 Initiative

*RPG Travel & Tours

Runaway Parade Games

S7 Games

Savagesparrow Studios

*Scallywags Int

*Scott Rosema - Fantasy and Comic Book Artist


Shadow Squirrel Games


Shark Robot

*Shauna Aura Knight Mythic Arts


Slugfest Games

Smirk and Dagger Games


SRG Universe

*Stack Up

Starling Games

Starwind Design

Stat Trackers

Steeped Games

Stephen Najarian Illustration

Steve Argyle

Steve Jackson Games

Strange Machine Games

Stronghold Garmes

Studio 6D6

Studio de Sade

Studio Woe

Succubus Publishing

*Sullivans Distribution

Surfin' Meeple

Sweets and Geeks

Sylvan Creations

Table of Ultimate Gaming

Tabletop Tycoon

Tea & Absinthe



Th3rd World Studios

The Blonde Swan

*The Castle Games

The Dice Tower

The Electronic Dice

*The Evergreen Burrow

*The Failed Superheroes Club

The Five Wits

*The Weathered Dragon

The WitchBorn

The Wizard's Wagon

Thunderworks Games

*Tidbit Games

Timid Monsters

Tokyo Sky

Tommy & Sammy Castillo Studios

*Trick or Treat Studios


Twilight Creations

Twogether Studios


University Games

Unleash the Goddess

Victory Point Games

*Videguy Collectibles

Vigour Games

Volante Design Inc

Vorpal Board


We Have Issues! Publishing

Weird Giraffe Games

*Wild Bill's Craft Beverage Co.


*Woodside Illustrations

World in Chains Chainmaille


Wyrd Games


Wyvern Gaming

XYZ Game Labs

*Yarro Studios

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

*asterisk indicates a company exhibiting at Gen Con for the first time in 2021.


Mark Behm

Michael Blank

Lindsey Burcar

Alex Dos Diaz

Sarah Finnigan

Nen Chang

Michael C. Hayes

Ukiyo-e Heroes

James Herrmann

Ben Hill

Fiona Hsieh

The Art of Matthew Huntley

Ingrid Kallick

Devin Elle Kurtz


Alayna Danner

Cait May Illustration

Jacob Grimoire

Sean Andrew Murray

Amy Nagi

Allen Panakal Art

Inkwell Illustrations

Mark Poole


Jon Sideriadis

Andrea Sipl

Reaching for Divine

Erika Taguchi-Newton

Andrew Thompson

Jacob Walker

Tyler Walpole


Christopher Bair

Kimberlee Ann Bastian

Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Doug Bedwell

E.D.E. Bel

J.J. Sherwood

Jennifer Brozek

Little Guardians

Charles Embrey, Jr.

Halsbren Publishing LLC

The Sci-Fi Gals

Robert Neal Geiger

Tanstaafl Press

Wm. Matthew Graphman

K.M. Herkes

Chris A. Jackson

Nathan Marchand

Virginia McClain

S.A. McClure


Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo

Matt Press

JW Troemner