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Welcome Gen Con 2018 Exhibitors

Family Fun

Thank you for your interest in the Best Four Days in Gaming!™ Please review the items below carefully.

Gen Con has not released the 2018 Exhibit Hall Map or Exhibitor list, but you can review the 2017 Exhibit Hall Map PDF and Interactive Map to get a feel for the scope of the Gen Con Exhibit Hall.

Entrepreneurs' Avenue

Entrepreneurs' Avenue is a dedicated block of booths for first-time Exhibitors at Gen Con. Thank you to all who applied for Entrepreneurs' Avenue for Gen Con 2018! The deadline for new Exhibitors has passed and Gen Con is no longer accepting applications.

Returning Exhibitors

Exhibit Hall space is currently sold out, and all interested Exhibitors will be placed on the Wait List. If you have exhibited at Gen Con in the past and would like to be put on the Wait List for Gen Con 2018, please email exhibitors@gencon.com and include your company name, contact name, email address, and website address.


A payment of at least 50% of the total cost must be made when you apply. Exhibitor applicants whom are not accepted will not have their deposit processed. Exhibitors are responsible for the remainder of the total cost and must pay by the date outlined in their submitted application.

Rules & Regulations

All Gen Con 2018 Exhibitors must comply with all Exhibiting Rules & Regulations.

Gen Con 2018 Sponsorship & Marketing

Gen Con has a wide range of marketing and sponsorship options available, and you do not need to be an Exhibitor to take advantage of these opportunities. Please download the Gen Con 2018 Sponsorship & Marketing Booklet to review our many product options.

If you have questions, please contact exhibitors@gencon.com or call:

Adam Minton, Sales and Exhibit Coordinator

(206) 957-3976 x3812

Megan Culver, Senior Director, Sponsorship & Sales

(206) 909-3383

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