Hourly Seasonal Positions – Fulfillment Team

Work at Gen Con this summer!

Gen Con LLC is an event management company that specializes in running an annual gaming and consumer fan fest convention for the general public. Our convention, Gen Con, is the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convneiton in North America. We host all types of games, from electronic to traditional, including: board games, card games (traditional and collectible), roleplaying games, miniatures games, and video games. Gen Con will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, in September.

At Gen Con HQ we are preparing for our big Fulfillment Project and are looking for a reliable, hard-working, detail-oriented team to help us. We are looking to hire 14 individuals who can work for about four to six weeks. Are you interested?

We are hiring for two different projects Fulfillment and Ticket Reconciliation:

The Fulfillment Project consists of sending out badges and tickets to our pre-registered guests. This means we have several thousand receipts and badges plus tens of thousands of tickets to sort and stuff for mailing and to organize for Will Call.

After the convention, there will also be a ticket reconciliation project in order to scan all of the used tickets into our system.

*This position will be a temporary, part-time employee without benefits.


  • Hours: There will be an early shift (7am-3:30pm) Monday through Friday.
  • Atmosphere: We will be working in an office with 10-14 people.
  • Breaks: Two 15-minute breaks with a 30-minute lunch break in the middle of the shift (based on an 8-hour workday for the shift.
  • Communication: Date/time changes will be communicated via email, so you must have daily access to email.
  • Legalities: You will need a social security card and driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID to complete paperwork.
  • Location: Gen Con LLC is located in Leschi at 120 Lakeside Ave, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98122.

For the Fulfillment Team Members:

Job details: Following the specific processes for completing fulfillment of all necessary items for the show including all badges and tickets both shipped out and will call. Organizing and completing special projects as needed.

Required skill: detail-oriented, organized, ability to complete repetitive/high volume tasks with a high degree of accuracy, reliable, ability to work well with a group, excellent alphabetizing skills.

Special consideration for those with: high volume project experience.

Compensation: $16/hour

Schedule: Shifts begin August 3 and end on September 10. Possibility of extension starting around September 27 for four and a half weeks for Ticket Recon (see below). Please note: This position does not include travel to the show.

Ticket Reconciliation

Please note in your submission whether you are also interested and available for our Ticket Reconciliation project. Compensation will be the same as above.

Similar skill set will be required but you will also need to feel comfortable working on a computer.

Schedule: September 27 to end of October (dates are subject to change so please let us know about any September/October conflicts). Same location as Fulfillment. Hours TBA.

How to Apply

Please send your resume and contact information via email to [email protected]